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Friday, February 26, 2016
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I admit. I love to buy dresses. I mean, I am kind of addicted. I also cannot let go of them when my girls grow out of them. They are SO pretty and I remember how they looked in them. So...I keep them. I decided to open up Leah and Elena's closet for a fun dress up session. I had the most adorable little girls (and some brothers too) come to the studio to pick out a special dress.  They giggled, twirled and their eyes lit up when they got to choose a dress.  I think that the Moms had as much fun!! I will probably do this again when the weather breaks here in Cincinnati. I will do an outdoor version of this at sunset. 

Here are some favorites!



So much personality!!! 


If you are interested in booking a family or children's session- reach out to me!